from the 215.


Been pretty good

About going In the gym in the morning.
I didn’t go yesterday cause I went to bed late and was sore from yoga.
But I went today and I feel great.
Like I don’t dread going. I enjoy it.
I’ve been doing good with food also but I need to step it up.

Morning :)
Good vibes!

Is it five or six? Jaja these are selfies i found on my phone. Enjoy!
I’m tagging six friends!
aisselectric, laweriitaa, pummarola, ereshkegal, dentrodeestecorazon, sadangrylatina

Ladies post your selfies. All of you are beautiful!

In history class…


"White people built america"


"Columbus is a hero"


"Manifest Destiny" 


"Survival of the fittest" 


"Slavery, segregation, some MLK & Rosa Parks happened, end of racism"


"The Melting Pot" 


"Land of the free/opportunity" 



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Turns out the world isn’t such a bad place after all. 

Timely reminder that people are inherently good.

(Source: BuzzFeed, via chulaquiles)

Bikram yoga

I had a chill weekend. No real going out and drinking a lot.

Friday -
Seriously fell asleep around 1030pm.

Went on a date with a 32 year old man(I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s where its at)
Very attractive Indian man from Phoenix. Could pass for 25 even though he had so much gray hair in his sexy beard. We drank tea. Sat at a park. Talked politics and yoga. Maybe a second date?
Then I went to my parents to nap and went on a second date with someone from last week. He’s a goofy 25 year old but I feel comfortable enough just being myself. Idk he said that when I talk I slowly bat/raise my eyes when I’m looking at him and that he really liked that. I guess I never noticed I do that. Or maybe I do it on purpose when I’m flirting so they get the gist I’m flirting with them. Jaja.
Sunday -
Met up with Sam to make posters for the Irish pro Palestine protest. I made mine with the Mexican flag (Sam drew the eagle).
Then Jon and I went to bikram yoga. It was amazing!! We got a monthly thing for unlimited classes. Only 30$ since it was our first time. By the time the class ended I was drenchedddd in my sweat.
Ran home. Showered.
Went to the protest. We marched around penns landing area. A good turnout for a Sunday evening!
Afterwards, we went to eat at this cute Indian place!

Such a great weekend.

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